Babies 6-9 months

Babies 6-9 months

From 6-9 months it’s all about the mouth for your baby. Fingers, toys (and other less desirable items) will find their way into baby’s mouth, and baby’s physical skills will have developed to help them on their way. Around 6 months, your baby will begin to hold small objects, and their improved hand-eye coordination will help them to bring their hands to their mouth more easily. At this stage, your baby will have started to develop their first teeth, and will be able sit erect with support.

As baby’s movement and coordination skills develop, so too does their ability to explore new foods. By 6 months, your baby will be able to sit in a high chair, and can be offered an infant trainer cup. Brand new teeth mean that baby will be able to chew foods with more texture. Now is a good time to experiment with hard foods such as rusks.

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