The Karicare Toddler Gold

The Karicare Toddler Gold

The Karicare Toddler Gold range is a delicious tasting milk-like drink specially formulated for toddlers aged between 1 and 3 years old. It contains Long Chain Omega 3 Fatty Acids (DHA, EPA, DPA), Iron and 16 other important vitamins and minerals essential for your toddler’s physical and mental development1. It is an important next step after breast milk for the active toddler whose dietary intake may be deficient.

Including 1 – 2 serves a day of Karicare Toddler Gold as a supplement to your toddler’s diet will help ensure adequate intake of important nutrients for healthy growth and development. So rather than make the big leap to regular cows’ milk, take the little step forward to the Karicare Toddler Gold range and help ensure your little ones don’t miss out on all the extra nourishment they need.

There’s nothing like the joy you experience when your child recites the alphabet or counts to 10 for the first time. Help your little one establish a love of learning for a lifetime with this opportunity to claim up to 3 titles from the award-winning Brainy Baby® educational DVD collection. To claim 1 DVD simply purchase 3 x 900g promotionally marked tins from the Karicare Toddler Gold range. Available Brainy Baby® titles include: Left Brain, Right Brain and Laugh & Learn.

1 References: Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and New Zealand Ministry of Health Joint Report on Nutritional Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand, September 2005.

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