Favourite Rainy Day Activity competition

Favourite Rainy Day Activity competition

We had an overwhelming response to this month’s competition. Thank you for your entries.

The winner of Lumpy the adorable Heffalump is Kerri Gulliver from Welbourn, New Plymouth.

On rainy days Kerri and her son, Jayden love to play shops with his mini supermarket trolley, play money and food items – they use anything and everything out of the pantry!

This activity is an excellent way to get your childs young mind working and keeps them entertained for hours. For a bit more fun Kerri even suggested making a sign for the shop, for example ‘Jayden’s Joint’.

Other fun rainy day activities we really liked include:

1. Making scary masks out of paper/glitter/feathers etc to ‘help scare the rain clouds away’.

2. Make play dough – Check out last month’s ‘Free activities’ section for a recipe and ideas.

3. Make a tent or fort out of chairs, tables, sheets and blankets – lets the kids’ imaginations run wild.

4. Bake bread or cakes and get the kids involved. Kids love kneading bread, or shaping the dough into edible animal shapes, or letters.

5. Dress up and act out nursery rhymes or movies. It is fun and gets the little ones active.

6. Potato (or kumara) prints are another fun activity, and a little messy. Just cut a shape into the potato so the child can dip it into paint and stamp it onto paper.

7. Macaroni necklaces are fun and will help develop hand-eye co-ordination – get some string and tread it through macaroni. You could even paint the macaroni before you thread it into a necklace.

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