Golden Circle Junior Drinks

Golden Circle Junior Drinks

From around six months you can introduce your baby to a drinking cup. They will need some assistance and will probably take some time to manage drinking from the cup. Use the cup to introduce water or diluted fruit juice to your baby’s diet. However, never put fruit juice in your baby’s bottle as the natural sugars and may cause tooth decay.

It is recommended that you limit diluted juices to no more than 120mL per day until your child is 12 months old.

If your child is not yet ready to use a straw, just snip the corner from the 125ml pack and pour into their sipper cup. Golden Circle Junior Drinks have NO added sugar and contain less then 4% natural fruit sugars.

The 125mL size is the perfect amount of diluted juice for them and travels well in your nappy bag.

It is important that infants do not consume undiluted fruit juice as it is high in natural sugars. Golden Circle Junior drinks offer the perfect blend of fruit juice and purified water (diluted with around 70% sterilised water), so it is ready to drink and convenient for you.

Golden Circle Junior Drink are available in Apple & Blackcurrant, and Tropical flavour.

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