Nutricia Golden Circle Hint of Juice 3 Flavors

Nutricia Golden Circle Hint of Juice 3 Flavors

Three Delicious Flavours

  • Mango & Pear
  • Pear, Apple & Peach
  • Pear

Why we choose it

  • 90% Purified Water, 10% Juice
  • Fortified with Folate & Vitamin C
  • Naturally Low in Sugars
  • Suitable for Infants from 6 months of age

Hint of Juice is a new edition to the Nutricia Golden Circle range and is made with an improved blend of purified filtered water and a hint of natural fruit juice (10%). Hint of Juice is naturally low in sugars and made to be gentle on your baby’s tummy and kinder to their teeth.

Hint of Juice is a great way of introducing fruit juice to your baby without having to worry about the negative effects of drinking sugary drinks such as regular juices, cordials and soft drinks.

They are also a convenient way of contributing to your baby’s daily fluid requirements, and with the added benefits of Folate and Vitamin C, help keep your baby hydrated and growing to their full potential. Hint of Juice contains only naturally occurring sugars from the fruit we use. One serve of Hint of Juice contains less sugar <2g  than the same serve of other drinks.

Undiluted Juice
13g per 125ml
Baby Juice
4.7g per 125ml
Regular Cows Milk
5.8g per 125ml
Hint of Juice
<2g per=”>

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