Karicare for your baby

Karicare for your baby

In New Zealand, breast milk substitute formulas for infants over 6 months of age are called ‘Follow-On Formulas’. Follow-On Formulas contain more iron, calcium and protein than Infant Formulas.

Follow-On formulas are designed to meet the increasing nutrient needs of bottle-fed babies in the second six months. At this time babies’ own iron stores are diminishing, and their iron needs increasing.

Karicare’s Follow-On formula range includes:

Karicare Follow-On Formula (2) – Cows’ milk-based and whey predominant, with boosted iron for babies over six months. More

Karicare Gold Follow-On Formula (2) – Similar to standard Follow-On, with the added benefits of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. More

Karicare Goat Follow-On Formula (2) – The only goat’s milk-based Follow-On formula available to New Zealand. More

Karicare Follow-On (2) and Karicare Gold (2) are the only whey-predominant formulas on the local market. They are available at leading supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

To download the Nutricia Guide to Follow-On Formulas as a PDF file that you can print or save, click here&gt,


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