Karicare toddler nutritional supplements

Karicare toddler nutritional supplements

Milk is an important food for toddlers and preschoolers, as it supplies protein, is the major source of calcium and is a rich source of other essential nutrients such as zinc and Vitamins A and B.

Standard cows milk is a poor source of iron. It contains only traces of iron and very little Vitamin C. Karicare Toddler Milks provide the important nutrients found in cows milk with the advantage of higher iron and Vitamin C. It is the Vitamin C, which aids iron absorption.

Karicare Gold+ Toddler has the added benefit of being enriched with the Omega fat DHA. Using Karicare Toddler 3 Milks gives parents nutritional peace of mind.

One to three year olds require 500-600mls of milk a day. Karicares Toddler Milk range includes:

Karicare Nutritional Care Toddler Supplement (From 1 year)

Just one serve of Karicare Nutritional Care Toddler Supplement contains 25-50% of your toddlers recommended daily intake (RDI) of 16 essential vitamins and minerals. Karicare Nutritional Care Toddler Supplement frequently asked questions

Karicare Gold+ Toddler Milk

Between 1 and 3 years of age, your toddlers immune system isnt mature yet. It needs to be supported until theyre at least 3. Thats why Karicare Gold+ Toddler contains Nutricia Prebiotics, Omega 3 DHA and Iron to nutritionally support your toddlers immune system.

Karicare Gold+ Toddler is a premium nutritional supplement specially formulated for active toddlers whose dietary intake may not be adequate to meet their needs. By supplementing your toddlers meals with 1-2 serves of Karicare Immunocare Gold+ Toddler each day, you are helping your child reach their full potential.

Based on cows milk, Karicare Gold+ Toddler contains protein, iron and other vitamins and minerals, which is important for healthy growth and development. It also contains Omega 3 DHA which may help support your toddlers eye, brain and nerve development. Karicare Gold+ Toddler has the added benefit of Nutricia Prebiotics. Prebiotics are special ingredients found in certain foods, vegetables and fruit, such as bananas. They encourage the friendly bacteria in the digestive system to flourish.

Karicare Nutritional Care Toddler and Karicare Gold+ Toddler nutritional supplement milks come in a convenient powder form in 900g cans and single-serve sachets. Simply add the powder to cold or warm water as specified on the pack for a nutritious drink for your toddler.

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