Brainy Baby Left Brain Tab Board Book

Brainy Baby Left Brain Tab Board Book

Each month we will aim to bring you a new book or educational tool for your wee one from birth to 2 years of age.

0 – 6 months
Baby’s World Cot Book
Terry Fitzgibbon

This is a great cloth book for babies.  It has simple objects in black and white shapes that are easy for baby to focus on, exactly what they need in their early days.

6 months and up
Brainy Baby Left Brain Tab Board Book

This book is designed to entertain and inspire logical thinking in children.  The pages are easy to turn with the tabs, and are full of colourful and inspiring illustrations plus real life images.

12 months and up
Lamaze Soft Sorter

The soft sorter lets your toddler match the colourful shapes with their corresponding opening by matching size, colour, and patterns.  Each shape has a different noise, there is also a side door that opens and closes to let your child add and take out the shapes.

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