Miffy Stack, Play and learn blocks

Miffy Stack, Play and learn blocks

0 – 6 months
Bouncy Lamb

This book encourages babies to touch and feel by rubbing the kitten’s furry tummy, tickling the dog’s crinkly ear and feeling the snail’s curly shell. A padded cloth tactile book, that is both washable and durable.
We found this book in Whitcoulls.

6 months and up
Miffy Stack, Play and learn blocks

These are stackable learning blocks in bright colours featuring Miffy and her friends. Graduating in size, the 10 blocks feature large, bold numbers on one side, the number in words on another, the number in pictures on the third, and Miffy on the fourth side.
We found these great learning blocks in a design store in Auckland

12 months and up
Baby Einstein – Baby Newton Discovering Shapes

This DVD helps familiarise babies and toddlers with shapes within the context of toys, nature, art, and everyday items. The DVD is also set to music by Vivaldi. This is a fun interactive learning tool.
We found this DVD in Whitcoulls.

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