Garden Bug Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Set

Garden Bug Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Set

0 – 6 months
Garden Bug Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Set

These soft and colourful wrist rattles and foot finders encourage your baby to discover her hands and feet by creating sound each time she moves.

We found these in Farmers department store.

6 months and up

Puzzle Ball

The Puzzle Ball is a great first activity ball for baby to develop hand eye coordination, learn colours and shapes, gripping and release, touch and feel.

The ball comes apart easily, and is just as easy to put back together.

We found this at Babyshower in Botany Downs Centre, Auckland.

12 months and up
Maisy’s Noisy Day
by Lucy Collins

This book is one of many in the Maisy series. Maisy’s Noisy Day discovers noises in Maisy’s world – a knock-knock at the door, a tick-tock of the clock and more. This fun board book also has a built in rattle toy tube along the spine.

Available in Whitcoulls stores.

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