Blossom Farm Soft Activity Cube

Blossom Farm Soft Activity Cube

0 – 6 months
Blossom Farm Soft Activity Cube
This is a fun toy with interactive objects on each side. There is a crinkle lid which the sheep hand puppet pops out of, a mirror that baby can discover her/himself in, a teether on another side, and a noise maker/rattle on the other.

We found this at Zero to Hero, 277 Newmarket, Auckland.

6 months and up
Tolo Thomas Highchair Spinning Wheel
Thomas the Tank Engine will become a favourite with this spinning wheel. This toy is designed to stimulate your little one to learn and develop sound and pitch, colours and shapes, dexterity and touch. It has a strong suction cup with easy release tab. This tab can be fixed on the side of the cot or car window. The spinning wheel is great for long trips.

We found this at The Warehouse.

12 months and up

Playskool Fun Tunes Tractor
Sing and play along with Old Mac Donald and his barnyard friends. Old MacDonald sings about each animal placed in the tractor one at a time or all at once. It’s an exciting, hands-on way for your child to explore the world of nursery rhymes.

We found this at The Warehouse.

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