Lamaze Tucker Turtle

Lamaze Tucker Turtle

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0 – 6 months
Lamaze Tucker Turtle

Tucker makes wonderful sounds with his crinkles, jingles and squeaks. Let your baby discover these sounds and textures. Tucker is machine washable and measures 30cm high.
We found this at the Baby Factory.

6 months and up
Baby Sign Language, by Karen Warburton

Give your baby a natural head start with early communication skills. These are simple physical gestures which your hearing baby can use to communicate with you until he/she has conquered the intricacies of spoken language. Babies naturally resort to using their own body language, facial expressions, noises, cries and gestures in order to communicate with you. Baby Sign Language is an extension of what baby can already do.
We found this at Whitcoulls.

12 months and up
Little Tikes Workshop Tool

These workshop tools are just right for little hands! As children are busy role-playing ‘handy-kid’, they will gain dexterity, hand eye/coordination, and be using their imaginations to the fullest. Choose from a hammer, crescent wrench, monkey wrench, or adjustable T-square.
Available at most baby shops.

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