Baby Einstein “Who Lives in the Pond?” Bath Book

Baby Einstein “Who Lives in the Pond?” Bath Book

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0 – 6 months
Baby Einstein “Who Lives in the Pond?” Bath Book

The “Who Lives in the Pond?”, Bath Book makes bath time fun. “Who Lives in the Pond?” tells the story of a tadpole travelling around his pond, meeting and learning about different animals including fish, beavers, ducks and more. The book is made from material suitable in and out of the bath and contains delightful illustrations of the pond animals.

6 months and up
Hungry Pelican by K’s Kids

The Hungry Pelican is a soft crib toy with a tummy full of fun! Infants and toddlers will enjoy opening the beak and feeding the Hungry Pelican sea creatures then retrieving them from the stomach. The Hungry Pelican has squeaky cheeks and crunchy wings, and his friends include the shrimp and crab with rattle, the squeaky octopus, and fish with crunchy body.  Baby will experience various textures and sounds with this fun toy.

12 months and up
Baby Walker by Plan Toys
This fun-looking wooden baby walker will help young children take their first steps. The specially designed handle can be adjusted to different heights. The Baby Walker includes coloured and natural building blocks that your toddler can play with, encouraging the creative process.

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