Layette List

Layette List

Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time, however it can be overwhelming thinking of everything you need before baby comes along. To make things a little easier we have prepared a layette list of the essentials you and baby will need and the suggested quantities.

The items in bold are considered essentials, and the other items are accessories that may help.


1 x Baby bath

3 x Gauze face cloths

3 x Towels

1-2 Nappy bucket

1 x Baby brush and comb

1 x Change table

Various shampoos and creams

1 x Nail clippers

2 x Wet wipes

Various bath toys


6 x Bibs

1 x High chair

1 x High chair spill mat

2-6 Bottles

2-6 Teats

1 x Bottle Brush

1 x Steriliser

1 x Medication dummy

1 x Breast pump

1 x Bottle warmer


1 x Bassinette

1-2 Blankets

1 x Cot

1 x Mattress protector

1-2 Sheets

1 x Quilt

1 x Snuggle rug

1 x Porta-cot

1 x Mobile

1 x Baby monitor


4 x Booties / socks

3 x Vests

36 Nappies – cotton

– pins x8

– liners x6

Or Nappies – disposable x100

4-6 Overnaps

2 x Nightgowns

3 x Stretch ‘n’ Grows

2 x Hat/bonnet

1 x Matinee Jacket

3 x Body suits

1-2 Shawl


1 x Buggy/Pram/Stroller

1 x Car Seat

1 x Baby on board sign

1 x UV sunshade

1 x Rain cover

1 x Nappy bag

Pram toys various

1 x Head support


Toys various

Rattles various

1 x Teddy bear

1 x Play gym

1 x Musical comfort

1 x Door/stair barrier

1 x Activity mat

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