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Babies 0-6 months

While a newborn baby spends most of its time asleep, it doesn't take long for baby to wake up to the world around. From 4-6 weeks, baby will begin to recognise familiar faces, turn to sounds - and you might even get your first smile.

In the first four months, your baby can see only at close range. Baby will push food out when placed on the tongue. This is known as the extrusion reflex, and is strong in the first 9 weeks. By 6-10 weeks baby recognises the feeding position and will begin mouthing and sucking when placed into position. By three months baby can hold its head in the middle when lying on the ground.

Baby will increase movements such as leg kicking and will become more aware of their hands - but may not be aware that they belong to them!

From 4-6 months of age, your baby may be ready to eat from a spoon. Look out for these signs:

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