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Feeding guide for baby 9-12 months

Since your baby was around four months old, solids will have taken on an increasingly important role in fulfilling vital nutritional requirements. Hopefully, your baby is now accepting a broad range of foods including both mashed or pureed solids and finger foods.

Your baby's growth continues to demand a varied diet, including fruit, vegetables and meat as well as breast milk or Follow-On formula.

At this stage of your baby's development, shift the order of your baby's menu around so that he or she is eating solids before getting milk. Baby will be interested in an extended range of foods and varied texture. Some of these foods will still need to be modified by mashing and/or finely chopping.

Include foods your baby is already eating, plus:

Each baby has their own special needs and requirements. This information information is intended as a guide only, and if you have any particular queries, please consult your Health Professional for advice.