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Finger food for 9-12 month olds

Finger foods are solids that your child can eat in their fingers. Here are some ideas that your child will enjoy sampling:

Oranges, kiwifruit, berries
Plain or served with a yoghurt dip*

Tomatoes (halve cherry tomatoes), cucumber wedges
Serve vegetable wedges with a dip made from yoghurt, cheese or smooth peanut butter*

Breads and cereals
Add spreads (marmite, vegemite, smooth peanut butter*)
Cheese-topped 'mouse traps'
Mini muffins, plain biscuits, pikelets

Meat and fish
Fish fingers*

Milk products
Cheese - grated, cubed, slices

For more food ideas, check out our suggestions for babies from 6-9 months.

Make sure your child is sitting still when eating. Most choking occurs with babies and toddlers when they are eating while crawling or running around.

* If there is a strong family history of allergies, delay these foods until 12 months of age.