Monkey milkshake

Monkey milkshake

Monkey milkshake provides an excellent source of calcium for your toddler. It is also a tasty sweet drink without the addtion of too much sugar.

This whisks up best in a small electric blender, or in a tall, narrow jug with a hand-held blender. But it can even be blended using a rotary egg beater in a bowl.

½ small, ripe banana

½ teaspoon golden syrup

2 scoops Karicare Toddler Milk powder

¾ cup standard milk

  • Peel banana, break into chunks and place in blender goblet. Add golden syrup, Toddler Milk powder and milk. Blend at high speed until smooth.

Note: it’s handy to have frozen bananas for ‘smoothies’. Freeze them whole, in skins, sealed in a plastic bag. When required, cut off amount needed, let this thaw for 5 minutes, then with a knife, peel off brown skin. Use while still frozen for milk shakes.

Alternatively, peel bananas before freezing. Cut them into halves, brush all over with lemon juice to prevent discolouration, then wrap each closely in cling film. Freeze in a plastic bag.

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