My baby only wants his bottle, what can I do?

My baby only wants his bottle, what can I do?
Q: My 10 month old won’t eat much food and always wants his bottle. What can I do?

A: Sometimes babies may prefer milk over food. This is good early on in life, but can become a problem for older babies. This is because solids require chewing and movement of the jaw, important for speech development. Often it is because your baby has realised that milk or juice can satisfy their hunger quickly. They find it easier to suck liquid than to have to move their mouth and chew solid food. You need to teach them that solid foods also satisfy hunger. Initially, this may require you to take a firm approach. At the beginning of the day, make up the desired amount of milk for the whole day (about 500-600ml for 12 months and over) and keep in the refrigerator. Show your child that this is all they are allowed for the day, and keep with your instructions. Eventually their appetite should be stimulated enough to get them to eat solid foods if they are not filling up on large amounts of liquids.

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