Pregnancy: changing times

Pregnancy: changing times
Its pretty much impossible to imagine what the changes feel like for your partner. While things seem big enough from your point of view, the feeling of carrying a growing baby, the body changes and the hormonal ups and downs amount to a quantum leap for her.

Information overload

As a first-time father you can expect several things, not least an overload of information. Almost a given in todays world, there will be a sea of advice, diagnoses, best-practices and old wives tales youll find very hard to ignore.

The most useful piece of advice is along the lines of Dont stress. Listen to and consider as many views as you want, be prepared to try different things then take only what works for your baby and family.

There is good value in hearing other peoples stories so attend as many ante natal classes as you possibly can. You dont have to take notes or remember everything, but even if you pick up a couple of little tricks or nuggets of knowledge, it will be worth it. The network that mothers form through ante natal classes will be very important after the birth so make time to attend or help make sure she can.

Be confident, the baby is yours too

Even if youre not usually drawn to other peoples babies, dont worry blokes do have the instinct to confidently bond with children and babies. All it takes is a little courage and patience.

And although the focus has begun to move completely to the mother and babys arrival around this time, ensure that you make yourself known as the father and husband or partner whenever youre in the company of others.

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