Preparing for birth

Preparing for birth

When it comes to arrivals, babies follow their own timetables. However, there are a few things that you can prepare ahead of the big day – or night!

If you’re planning on driving to the hospital, check out the route first. Make sure you know the location of the admission desk and where to park. Most hospitals are only too pleased to show you around before the big day. This is time well spent, as it will all seem more familiar when you’re in there for real!

Another useful check is to go through the bag you’ll both take to the hospital with you. This should include:


  • Your own towel if preferred
  • Nappies, baby gowns and baby toiletries
  • Sleepwear with a front-opening (such as pyjamas with a button-front top) and slippers
  • A camera
  • Phone numbers of relatives and friends
  • Money for pay phones or phone cards
  • If you’re staying after the birth, a few sandwiches and a drink or two won’t go amiss!

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