Why would I use a Goats’ Milk Formula?

Why would I use a Goats' Milk Formula?
Q: Why would I use a Goats’ Milk Formula?

A: Goats’ milk formula is an alternative to cows’ and Soya milk based formulas. Goats’ milk formula contains lactose and a similar protein to cows’ milk. It is not suitable therefore for babies with lactose intolerance and the protein in goats’ milk can act the same, as the protein in cows’ milk causing an allergic reaction, so should be monitored. Goats’ milk may be suitable for babies who have been unsettled on either a cows’ milk or Soy based formula.
Goats’ milk protein forms a softer curd in the gut and contains a higher proportion of medium chain fatty acids when compared to cows’ milk. Both of these factors may mean Goats’ milk is easier for some infants to digest than cows’ milk. An easier digestion may be of benefit to infants who have previously not settled on other formula types.
Some parents choose not to use a cows’ milk or Soya milk based formula and are seeking an alternative. These parents can be reassured that the Goats’ milk formula, like all other formula meet Australian standards for nutritional quality and safety.

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