How can I prevent constipation?

How can I prevent constipation?
Quesiton – How can I prevent constipation?

Constipation is a more related to the consistency (hardness) of bowel motions, rather than to their frequency. The major cause of constipation is usually dehydration. So it is important to ensure the baby’s fluid intake is adequate. Other causes can be insufficient nutrition or general underfeeding.
The size and consistency of stools will depend on the amount of water they hold. A normal formula-fed baby’s stool should be toothpaste or porridge-like in consistency. In constipation stools are dry and hard, and may be large, or like small pellets. Bowel motions may be less frequent and be difficult for your baby to pass, leading to distress.
Iron in formulas may be incorrectly blamed for causing constipation. The iron content of a formula will not cause constipation. However, frequent changing of formula type and brands may contribute to constipation.
Over-concentration of formula can be a cause of constipation. When preparing formula it is important to fill the scoop lightly, and level using a sterilised knife or lip on the can.
Should your infant become constipated with bottle feeding the following can help:

• If the baby is bottle-fed, check the formula is being made correctly and the scoop is not being inadvertently packed or overfilled.
• Increase fluid intake by giving a little cooled, boiled water.
• Relaxation techniques such as bathing and baby massage may prove helpful.
• Laxatives and suppositories can be dangerous and should only be used on the advice of a doctor.

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