tips to help you choose the right formula

tips to help you choose the right formula

It’s 11pm, and you’ve been told to go to the supermarket and pick up another can of formula because baby is hungry and you’re out of formula. You get there and are overwhelmed with the choices, and your mind goes blank. You could call home and ask, or you can try to figure out what an appropriate choice of formula for baby would be.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right formula.

Before leaving the house check:
1. Baby’s age
2. Brand (e.g. Karicare)
3. Lid colour
4. Gold Plus or Standard

1. Baby’s age
Formulas can be divided into 4 age categories:
• Starter formula – these formulas are suitable for babies aged between birth and 6 months of age.
• Follow-On formula – is suitable for babies between 6 and 12 months of age.
• Toddler Milk – is suitable for babies aged between 1 and 3 years.
• All Ages formula – these are suitable from birth, and are generally for the specialised formulas.
Remember, it is perfectly okay to continue to use Starter formulas for babies beyond 6 months of age, or Follow-On formula beyond 12 months of age. It’s okay to go back a step and use an earlier formula, but it’s not okay to use a formula for the age group ahead.
2. Brand
Look at the brand names of the infant formula – do any of these sound familiar?

3. Lid colour
Look at the colour of the lid on the cans of formula – this may help jog your memory.

4. Gold Plus or Standard?
Within each age category there is generally what is known as a ‘Gold Plus’, ‘Gold’ or ‘Standard’ formula.

If you ask yourself these 4 questions it will make buying formula a bit easier. And if all else fails – CALL HOME!!!!

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