Using a microwave oven

Using a microwave oven

A microwave oven is a convenient way to cook or heat baby foods, and microwaved food is perfectly safe for your baby. Microwaves are not radioactive! They do not make food harmful!

In fact, because microwave cooking time is short and requires little added water, some fruits and vegetables may taste fresher and retain more colour and vitamins than those cooked by longer boiling, steaming or baking.

Microwaves cook by causing molecules, especially water, to vibrate, creating friction which produces heat. This heating within the food continues for a short time after the oven is turned off. Be aware that temperature of food continues to rise in this time. Also, microwaves can heat unevenly and cause hot spots in food.


Before giving your baby food heated in a microwave oven:

  • Always let food stand for a few minutes after the microwave oven is turned off. Allow standing time equal to, or a little longer than cooking time.
  • Always stir heated foods thoroughly.
  • Always check temperature – (a taste test is a safe test) to ensure it is not too hot for your baby.

Remember that microwave ovens vary in power levels. So if using an unfamiliar oven (say at a café or friend’s home), don’t assume heating time will be the same as at home. Be extra careful to check temperature of food before giving it to your baby.

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