Your Baby and You Club

Your Baby and You Club

The ‘Nutricia Baby and You Club’ is a new, exclusive club giving you access to information and great member benefits.  Membership is free, fun and strictly confidential.

Features of our ‘Nutricia Baby and You Club’

Keep up-to-date via email through our regular eMini-mag.  It’s packed with news, nutrition information for feeding infants and toddlers, book reviews, child-friendly café reviews and toy assessments, recipes, and tips for you and your young children. 

What do you do with all those digital photos taken of your wee one? Print them out and send them post mail to your friends and family? Why not let everyone see your bundle of joy by posting them on your own On-line Photo Gallery.  It’s really easy for everyone to use.

Have you had a new member join the family, is your child celebrating a birthday, or are you about to send out your Christmas cards? How about sending an eCard to your family and friends so they can share in the celebrations? You can either choose from one of our eCards, or create your own by using a picture from your online photo gallery and adding a personalised message.

You will be amazed how fast your baby will grow.  An excellent way of tracking his/her growth is by plotting it on a height and weight chart. The growth charts will let you record and track your baby’s height and weight up to 2 years of age, and you can also use them to predict how tall your baby will be when he/she grows up!

So join today and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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